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Pasteurellosis in sheep can occur not only acutely, but subacutely and chronically. Pasteurellosis is characterized by damage to the lungs and upper respiratory tract.

Emphysematous carbuncle is characterized by the presence of lexapro swelling in the muscles during palpation and signs of gas edema.

If we suspect poisoning, examine escitalopram herbs in the pastures. In case of aconite poisoning, an autopsy reveals hemorrhages under the serous membrane of the intestine.

In an acute course, veterinarians usually do not have time to provide medical assistance. With a protracted course, antibiotics are used, including modern cephalosporins in doses according to the instructions for their use. Symptomatic agents (cardiac, sedatives) and antitoxic agents.

Bradzot of sheep, being a soil infection, can periodically appear among sheep in the presence of pastures and reservoirs infected with pathogens of bradzot. When the first cases of the disease appear, unfavorable flocks of sheep must be transferred to other pastures and vaccinated.
Veterinarians need to take into account all the points in which bradzot was previously registered.

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Parenchymal organs (liver, spleen), abomasum walls, tubular bones, sections of the duodenum with ligatures, edematous tissue, exudate from the chest and abdominal cavities, subcutaneous tissue infiltrate are sent for research. In the heat, the selected pathological material is preserved in a solution of glycerin or chloroform.